Who is behind this sh*t?

Vhing is a commerce student at University of St. La Salle - Bacolod. Currently 17, turning 18 on November 23rd. She made this blog coz she wanted an online diary. But it ended up she wanted to share some of her personal experiences in life to other people. Then came her passion for fashion and she started posting them on this blog (coz she had another fashion blog she doesn't update anymore). She is not a professional model, (feelur) but she really like posing in front of the camera. Her parents aren't really supportive about it, but, what else can they do? It's what she loves. :)
Her style, according to her, is more monochromatic coz she's not really into colors. She lives with black and white. But now, she's starting to experiment on flower prints and vintage touches. She loves TAYLOR MOMSEN's fashion sense. Just her fashion, and her band, but not really her. :> She like Vanessa Hudgens too. And Demi Lovato. And Selena Gomez. And Blake Lively. And, believe or not, I sometimes like Kristen Stewart too. And Also some lookbook.nu users that have pretty awesome taste on clothes. :)