Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Day at the Kubo Crib

Feels like a little reunion, huh? We just "kind of" practiced for Karen's debut. 

Pink Shirt from Hang Tem
Black Acid Washed Jeans from Redgirl
Pink Converse
Vintage bag from MY MOM's CLOSET hihi

Bang The Sun

This was just for fun. HIHI :) Yusaku was in the mood, eh. It wasn't my cam either, :)) 
I just took the photos and edited them :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love is ♥

I just watched this Thai movie about a high school girl who changed herself in whatever possible aspects just for her "crush" to like her back. It's a typical story, but it never fails to give butterflies. I think everyone could relate to it. Maybe not the ending where the guy falls in love with her too, but the part where we try our very best to be someone our crush might like.
 Been there, done that. I had a lot of "crushes" when I was in high school. Crush wasn't a huge word for me so I throw it away like it's no big deal. But sometimes, there'll be this one crush who you really want to be with, that you would do anything to win his heart.
 I had this huge crush on this guy when I was in my first year. We were in the same class and we were seatmates during our Chinese class, so most of the time we just talk since we're both talkative. It was just a childish crush. I just thought he was nice, and a real gentleman, a person that's hard to find.
 I tried my best for him to notice me more than just his classmate and a seatmate in Chinese. I wanted to know him more, and dig deeper in him. Be a good friend of his, or whatever. Since I was really immature and shameless back then, I texted him first (I think?). Became good friends with him, and everytime he texts me, I run to the nearest loading station. HA!
 2nd year. We were good friends, and I had the chance to be his seatmate again, for all the subjects! :"> So yeah, blah3. You know the drill, text and stuff. Then, he kindda joked me that he liked me, and I kindda told him I feel the same (*but I intended it to be just a joke) So yeah, after a month... HIHIHIHI :"> that's it.
 2 years and 9 months. I changed a lot. I became more mature and stuff. That love changed me. I became senstitive and I watch my mouth whenever I talk. I learned to think about others :">
 But just like other love stories, we parted ways...

 But anyway, in this movie, they met again after 9 years! And they both feel the same way. TRUE LOVE WAITS, cliche, but true. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some women choose to follow men and some women choose to follow their dreams.If you're wondering w/c way to go, remember that your career will never wake up in the morning and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.- Lady Gaga

Closet Need: The Vintage Flat

I have been looking all over for this one! And I haven't found one. -___-
This makes the best vintage touch ever. Perfect with the floral stuff :D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Candies For My Ears - Oh Land

Oh Land - Sun of a gun

Oh Land - Heavy Eyes
Oh Land Rainbow
Oh Land - Wolf and I

Oh Land - White Nights

Friday, March 18, 2011

What the Hell Collection

All my life I've been good but now I'm thinkin' WHAT THE HELL?!

His immaturity, my experience.

    I don't know where to start. The part where I am still waiting for something that'll never happen; that I am waiting for someone who's never coming back; that I am still loving someone who already forgot about me; the fact that he moved on and I'm still left hanging; and the hardest part, accepting that he may be ready for a relationship now -- the reason why he left. I have to start one by one? I guess so. That's the only thing that could make me feel better.
    I had sleepless nights these past few days after reactivating my facebook account. Coz I saw something that gave me new things to think about. BAD things, PAINFUL things. I look at every negative possibility, and that's the thing I hate about myself. So then again, I began having tears on my pillow.
    I am still waiting for something that'll never happen; I am still waiting for someone who's never coming back.

Monday, March 14, 2011

ANTM Cycle 16

 As of the fourteenth cycle, the current judging panel includes Vogue editor AndrĂ© Leon Talley, and fashion photographer Nigel Barker. Previous judges included fashion icon Twiggy, models Janice Dickinson and Paulina Porizkova, fashion stylist NolĂ© Marin, runway coach J. Alexander, designer Kimora Lee Simmons (Kimora was scheduled to be a permanent judge for Cycle 14 and changed her plans for not returning the show) and fashion editors Beau Quillian and Eric Nicholson. Photo shoot director Jay Manuel, though not a permanent judge, is featured every episode. Usually, an additional guest judge will sit in on the panel every week. (wikipedia)
 Well, I wasn't updated coz I was really busy. Loads of school work so I never noticed season 16 was already there. Good thing it was just still episode 3. So, I could still catch up.
 They are another batch of gorgeous models and another batch to work it all together (I guess), and fight. I am looking forward to the catfights, kiddin'
 There are 13 models, and only 1 plus-size model. The 13 girls running towards becoming the next America's Next Top Model are: is Heart

HeyHeyHey! If you're wondering where people get their awesome clothing ideas from, is just one of the million options. Good thing about Lookbook is that, you get to real people's fashion senses through their posts. Real people coz not everyone on Lookbook are professional models, photographers or designers. Most of the members are just casual people, just like me. Student, artsy fartsy, just have a passion for fashion. (Cliche? haha.)
 Anyway, I had my Lookbook account March of last year. But that wasn't the time I started stalking Lookbook. I was really amazed by other people's clothes and how fancy they turn out to be. Other people repeat what they wear, but you can never notice it. They mix and match, cut and add, just whatever they want.
 It's pretty cool coz the members are so friendly and they have forums if you have certain questions or asking for some advices. I got a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas that can be done anytime. Other people would comment on your photo to tell you "It's cool." or "Pretty dress." or something of that sort. It gives you a deposit on your self-esteem account.
 You can browse cool clothes of whatever fashion sense you have from all pink, to black, to punk, fancy, vintage, rock, or whatever you can possibly think of. It's totally amazing and it can really help you if you are having a hard time swiming in your closet looking for clothes. ;)

 If you don't have  a account yet, just leave a comment below, with your email address so I can invite you. The sign up includes some code of that sort. So yeah, post your emails and I'll invite you! Fan me please! HA. thanks ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Express Yourself Through Clothes

I'm not really good at playing with colors, mixing and matching them, so I always play with the shades of black and white. Then, I ended up loving them. I am more on the ROCK-ish chic side, but now I'm trying to experiment with vintage floral prints and other vintage stuff.
 Most of the time I pair a colored top with black. There's never a time I wore something colored (red, pink, blue, whatever) with another colored on the bottom. It just looks so... Awkward. IN MY OPINION, though.

 Like I said, I'm starting to love vintage flower prints and stuff. But I don't wear one from head to toe. Just mix and match them. I still stay rock-ish with pairing them with converse at times. I'm not really confortable wearing them with flats, but I do sometimes. When I really have to. Coz I'm not used to being chic-ish or something. Coz if only you guys knew, I was more on the "emo" "punk-ish" side BEFORE. BEEFOORE! ha. :))
 So anyway, to wrap it all up,this is me. I mess my clothes -- that's what other people would think. But I think I wear just right. :)) >:D<

 Coz they say You are what you wear. Better wear your best ;)

10 Ways To Have Him Back

1 - Take the time to figure out why the breakup occurred. Do you think you could/should change anything about yourself? 

2 - Stay away from conversations that candidly tell him you want him back. There is a good chance he's missing you just the same. Play a little bit hard to get and let him bear in mind why he misses you and wants you back. However, this is a slippery slope, don't over do it or it may end up being just the opposite of what you intended and blow all chances of getting him back.

3 - Take a look at your appearance. Were you making an effort to dress up for your ex boyfriend, or are you too at ease around him for that now? If you used to dress more sexy or more aggressive, consider going back to that. If you dress to impress, he may find himself wanting you back again.

4 - Get a little chummy to his male friends to stir up a bit of jealousy. Every so often all that it takes is to remind him how much he wants you back by making him a little jealous. Again, take precaution with these methods because without a proper approach could honestly backfire on you.

5 - Think about how you converse with him, in contrast to how you used to speak to him. Talk to him the same way you want to be spoken to if you wanted to reignite a tender feeling between the two of you. Get back the "sweet terms of endearment" you guys used when you first fell in love with each other.

6 - Provoke him on a date once you have figured on a game plan, and remind him that you can still have a good time while you are together. Don't worry about complicating things by working out the issues now, just show him that you guys can still have fun and watch things reignite fittingly.

12 Ways To Get To A Girls Heart

  1. Hug her from behind.
  2. Grab her hand when you guys walk next to each other. 
  3. When standing, wrap your arms around her. 
  4. Cuddle with her. 
  5. Dont force her to do anything
  6. Write little notes. 
  7. Compliment her. 
  8. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.
  9. Say I love you…..and mean it
  10. Brush the hair out of her eyes 
  11. Comfort her when she cries. 
  12. Love her with all your heart 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink's Perfect is F**kn Perfect

 Someone linked this video of Pink's song on facebook. I was in the mood to download new songs, or songs I've never heard yet. So yeah, I opened the video, watched and listened, and I really liked it -- LOVED it.
 I am inlove with this song 'coz I can totally see myself to that teenage girl. Those insecurities, cuts on the wirst... Been there, done that. Fitting in wasn't that hard compared to other places, but I won't say it wasn't hard. It was a struggle too; finding the right friends, real friends, people who you should trust, listen to, or just hang out with.
 You want things, think you need things more than necessary. Teenage years are always the hardest part. I am still on that stage, though. And I did have a lot of struggles (on my own.) I speak out on my diary, or on my online diaries, blogs or whatever. Nobody knew about what I really felt, what were my real reactions toward certain problems, fights, misunderstandings, heartaches. Nobody knew the real reason behind the scars on my wrist, tears on my pillow -- even my parents, even my closest friends.
 I did not tell anyone coz I was afraid. AFRAID -- afraid of what other people might say. You may keep on posting on your facebook "I don't care what other people think." or give others the advice "Don't think about what they'll think about it." and the saying "Those mind won't matter, and those who matter won't mind." But still, you still give attention to other people's opinions about you. So basically, you'd rather choose to be fakishly real about your feelings, rather than tell the truth and people would look at you differently -- weirdly.
 It's just always your choice, no one to blame.  It's you. Though you weren't really made to please people, but you were made to live equally with other people. Just admit it, you will never be complete if you're just you alone. You were made for someone, something... You may not know it, but who cares? As long as you are happy, and not hurting other people, it won't matter. :)

Black And White Shoot Part 2

Concept: Mark Roa
SHOTS by : Mark Roa



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black And White Shoot

A shoot with Mark Roa and Alson Negrido as photographers and me and Jake as models. HAHA :) FUN SHOOT. :)


I had my braces last Feb. 25, '11

I don't know how to smile with it yet. It took me about a week and a half to get used to it. I was really really painful at first, but a week later it wasn't that much anymore. I kind of have a different bracket compared to my other friends. They have this kind of "H" bracket, but mine was a loner and was an "I". I don't like the brackets coz it looks like my old retainers! With the same color! :\ But I have to live with it, for at least a year. 

Guess I have moved on.

My first relationship was when I was 14 -- innocent and really immature. But this guy molded me into someone better -- or worse -- but let's think about the positive things. He played a huge role in my puberty. HA. And by that I meant 'growing up' years. I am not that old coz I'm just 18, but I became mature enough because of him.
 Other ex-couples look at each other as mistakes in life, but I look at mine as a 'teacher' or a friend or someone who taught me a lot of things. And I will never regret having him in my life coz he's one of the best people I knew (though what he did was painful, I moved on from it and look at is a an experience.) He may not think of me as a good memory, but I think of him as one. I don't care. :)
 I knew that I moved on when I saw an old picture of us. I looked so happy. And I smiled to myself as I looked at the very young me wearing a white dress on our senior prom. What I did not understand, was I was confused. I cannot recall the feeling I had that night, that moment, or for that boy. I tried to think about things that could give me butterflies in my stomach or would determine what I felt at that moment. I tried my best, but I couldn't; I couldn't rewind my feelings back to when he was still mine -- back to when I was *helplessly in love with him.
 I stared at it for quite a moment, trying to remember that feeling of overdose love, that did not make me think about leaving him first. Coz as far as I can remember, I would tend to tell myself everytime I look at him, that there's no way I can ever leave this boy because I love him too much. I tried to turn back to the chapter where there was still this magic, but the memory of the magic was there, but I couldn't feel it. I couldn't recall the feelings or how those fireworks felt every time he kisses me. That moment, I knew, I had moved on.

 I learned that, just like love, moving on just happens. You don't tell your heart to stop loving, nor you don't do things so you wouldn't love someone anymore. It just happens. Then BOOM! you'll just know you don't have those sparkling foolish feelings anymore. Though to the guy you loved the most (so far.)
 This time, I'm turning over the pen of my (cliche) love life, to God. Let Him write whatever He wants, coz I will stop looking for the boy. God will make a way. :)

 BTW, for that boy of mine, thank you. You deserve someone better, and I don't settle for second best. ANYMORE. ;)