Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The College experience

The first year just ended. 3 more years to go, hello professional life and independence baybeh! HAHA but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. Even just the first year, hell yeah, I did. I am looking forward to the next years, coz I bet it'll be more fun. :)
I am taking up Commerce but I'm not yet sure what I'll be majoring in. YAY. I guess marketing? We'll see. :) 

 My college experience is not that really different from my high school life. Except the people around me, my new best friends and the way we make jokes and treat each other. :) But... So far so good. We had a few little misunderstandings, some little fights. And they also witnessed me getting over someone too! :D And crying over him and stuff. 
<-- more --!>
 10 months: a lot of things happened. Like -- yeah. Studies? Love? Friends? and whatever. ME? fell in love, got my heart broken. haha :) 2 of my friends fell in love with each other. An old friend 'fell' in love coz we were teasing them? I guess so. I became close to the person I thought was quite mysterious when we were in high school. And I realized, he's cute huh. HAHA 
 Found new crushes and stuff. haha met new people. And all those 'bad rumors' i heard about other people when I was in high school are either REAL or just rumors. Some were actually nice. Others were, nice and never mind. haha :))
 Others... I had the 'I thought you were' thoughts. hmm. Some were really what they seemed to be. Some were really, it's just that they're really wild. they're nice when it comes to friends but when it comes to enemies... BEWARE is the word. 
 To sum it all up, I had a wicked first year. HAHAHA oye. WICKED!

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