Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lesson Learned?

If the person you once loved hurt you, do not -- never EVER EVER-- bad mouth them. :)

 I just saw that quote on twitter and it hit me. I know what I did, and I know that it was bad. But it was what I felt and I just had to say it. But, yeah I know, I shouldn't have posted it on twitter and make it look like he's a total badass. I'm sorry I guess. If you found it offensive or something. To you and your friends.
 I hsve a draft I wrote yesterday. Just a few seconds after seeing the "stuff". My blog is the first place I ran to (after posting on my friends' walls that there is something wrong. BLAH3x).
 It was a short post. Just about how angry I was... That  (please read on )

I felt really bad and it was like he lied to me or something. Coz he told me that he wasn't ready to commit and stuff and KABLAM! look at him now, he's in a relationship. No, I was not happy. But what else could I possibly do? :|
 I have been telling myself to move on. Sometimes I am doing it, sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm like it, sometimes I act that I'm still heartbroken. Sometimes I post stuff like I am strong, like no one can bring me down. but NO! I am not that kind of person. If I'm down, I am so down. Below the deepest depth of whatever you can think of. If I'm happy, I live for that moment, 'coz I know tomorrow it won't be the same. But I will always have that little thought behind my head that hopes.
 So what now, what is this post about? It's about the first line you see up there. I learned a lesson from twitter! Just from that line. That quote. Whoever thought about it, you're a genius. You're right. I shouldn't have done that. BLAH3. :)
 To top it all up, I am still mad. We're not in good terms. And you have no idea how heartbroken I am. But... You once made me happy, and I did not regret that. And btw, evil me! :P Who was your first kiss? I bet it's not your first girlfriend. AND! no no no. You cannot deny it. And you know why. ;) HAHAHAHAHAHA

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