Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wishlist :: CLOGS

     CLOGS. They're the new THING, for me I guess. At first I thought they were kind of weird-looking. But then, I was able to try one at the mall. They're not the best to walk with, but they're awesome. I mean... they make you look taller and I learned to appreciate it when I saw a lot of  ""-ers wearing it. Someone like:

  Simple and chic. And they're really unique!!!! ♥ So, here's why this is in my wishlist, simple, I don't have enough CHA CHING to buy one. I'm not a rich kid like some of my friends, (which isn't a big deal for me, though) It's just that, sometimes, "people" think I copy their style coz my wardrobe is kind of "late" coz it takes me some time to buy stuff. I just hate it that way.
  ANYWAY!!!! Here are my ideas of what to wear with the hot clogs...

 Hey, so, if you're one of the Lookbookers up there that I featured, and you wish to erase it, please comment. And I'm really sorry for not asking permission. :)

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