Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 19 - A Picture of a Letter

 This is the letter (well, it's the draft actually, or is it the real one? I don't care. HAHA) I gave my first love before we broke up. :) It was... Like... Something... Like... Asking him not to. "Begging" him not to. But I was so young, so innocent, so STUPID back then. I laughed reading the letter coz I never knew I could be that dumb for love. LOVE OR WAS IT? But, if not because of my stupidity back then, I wouldn't be as wise now. Wise or naive, or... I have woken up for the fact that forever isn't real. That, people get together so that they could part. We meet people who will eventually leave us. The only once that will be left are your friends. The people you never had a commitment with, or dated.
 My point is, people will eventually leave you. Even how hard you try to make them stay. EVEN THEY WANNA STAY. There'll be a lot reasons why. I just can't pinpoint one. And if they'll go back, IT'LL NEVER BE THE SAME.

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