Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Start, How to Change?

I know that there's this saying "Love when you're ready, not when you're lonely." but when are you gonna start? How are you gonna start? How are you gonna change? I just listened to Taylor Swift's Last Kiss, and that she said it was the hardest song on her album Speak Now, coz it's like writing your last letter to the last person who broke your heart.
 How are you gonna start? Yeah. Like... How??? They say keep yourself busy so you can't think about him (or her), throw all the stuff that reminds you of him. Well, take it from me, those don't really work much. What I do, was keep those memories. Throwing them away is like throwing what you both once had, the lessons you learned from that person, and how happy he once made you feel. Never regret something that made you happy. they say, right? So, I kept the pictures, the stuff toy, the pillow, the bracelets and necklaces. I hid them somewhere that I can't see everyday. And I hope that one day, when I get to see it, I would just smile and recall the memories and lessons. :)
 So you gotta start by PRAYING. Nothing beats the best medicine (laughter is just the second best). Go on, He listens 24/7. It really works. Coz at my first heartbreak, I didn't really give that much attention to Him, that's why I went the hard way. But now, I may still have the scars, but they're healing and I'm smiling real smiles.
 Surround yourself with people who love you. Just coz you lost one doesn't mean you don't have anybody else. You got your friends, your family and everyone around you. Some might not be real to you, but trust me, they do care too. You lost a person, not everyone. You must've left out some "He's my life. He's my everything.
 Who am I without him?"  No. No. No. If until now (in the moving on process) you keep on saying that, you are not happy. What I mean with happy, is you, yourself and just you. If you can't be a happy single, you can't be happy taken. Coz happiness comes from within, not from men. That totally struck you huh! I know... Coz It did to me too... And keep on reading it, it's a good motivational sentence. :)
 Do what you love. Do what you love is different from keeping yourself busy. Coz other people get their self exhausted, and a lot of paper works (or whatever) so they end up, *UNHAPPY SINGLES. You may give yourself a few weeks to cry your heart out. Sleep eat cry is the routine. But after that, make sure you're ready to do what you love -- AGAIN. Do the things you did before he was there. Do it, love it, coz love isn't just about MEN. ;)


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