Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tonight, I will pray about you.

Sometimes, you really have to tell Daddy God what you really want. Specifically. That's what my mom told me. So every night, I pray that good stuff will happen. Good health, high grades, and some stuff that goes like 'I hope to see my crush tomorrow' and yeah. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. But now that I'm officially single and not in love with anyone, I want to pray to Daddy God what I really want. So that maybe if He'll send him, it'll be perfect. I won't ask for anyone else.
 A friend of mine told me that she knew someone that prayed the same thing. She prays to Daddy God what she wants from a guy. Physically, emotionally, whatever. Then she met someone, almost perfect, and he was religious too like her. But then, one day, he just changed. And it really broke her heart. But she kept on praying. Then Daddy God gave her the best one. Perfect, even better from the first guy. More on everything. It just means, sometimes you have to wait, if something goes wrong, something better will come.
 So tonight before I sleep, and all the nights that will come, I will include in my prayer. I will include you whoever you are, wherever you are right now, my true love.

 "Daddy God, you know who want. And he's out of my league. I'm talking about my forever crush, Taylor Lautner. But my guy shouldn't have a body like him, Lautner is too big. I want my guy to be just sexy. Just right, but I prefer with abs (Mom told me specific), and that I could hug him, and he could hug me tight too. He should have a great smile, and cute eyes. Preferably taller than me, he should be at least 5'9? or I don't know. Just TALL. He should have gorgeous biceps, coz they really look freakin hot. Oh, and his hair! Just Lautner's. Coz hairs are really amazing. I don't know why I like those shark hair thingy. I think it's really hot.
 He plays acoustic guitar, and sings well, so that he could sing and play to me my favorite song. He doesn't really have to be in a band coz I hate going to contests really late at night. He shouldn't be a Party person. He may go out occasionally, and occasionally means not every weekend. And by the way, I shouldn't meet him at a party (or club). Coz he'll think I go out much. He should a have taste in music, and I hope he cooks good. Coz I don't know how to cook. :)) He could be in a sport so that I could cheer him if he has a game. Maybe, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis(?), swimming or... just not chess or billiard or bowling. I find it boring (no offense). He should ask for a good luck kiss every before his game. :* :"> He shouldn't be so smart that I feel so dumb and be shy to speak out. He could have a car,  yeah. Car is GREAT -- gorgeous -- perfect. HA! He'll never get tired of holding my hand, and won't mind people who stare everytime he hugs me. He will never get tired of kissing me too. :"> He should be sweet. Gives me flowers, knows when to be cheesy and serious. He should make me feel appreciated all the time. He gives as much as possible time that he could. He texts me first, and tells me to have a great day and that he loves me. Posts on my facebook wall from time to time just to let other people know that I have an awesome boyfriend. :) He should be supportive about my dancing atnd goes at every contest or recital I have and he'll never fail to show up with flowers. ♥ He's the prefect example of a GOOD BAD BOY. ;)
 He shouldn't be so dumb, but not that smart either. Just knowledgeable and he talks about worthy stuff. Some trivia or something, or a little smart so that my parents won't think he's dumb. He should come from a known school, good school, with good reputation (elementary, high school and college). He SHOULDN'T me in the military, or something near it. He could be a doctor, nurse, marketing student like me, or anything. Just not MILITARY or something scary, someone too strict and possessive. He should come from a good family too, maybe known, or not.:) Just with good reputation is great. He could be rich, and his parents will like me the first moment they see me. HIHIHIHI
 He shouldn't be vain, but looks good on pictures. He should me moreno and has beautiful chinese eyes. :) He could dance, but if he couldn't I could teach him. And he'll love me even more. He should close with my friends, both high school and college. My bestfriends  should like him. and everybody else. I hope he has same religion as me.He'll be religious.:) And we include Daddy God in our relationship. :) My parents should like him too. VERY MUCH.
 He calls before he sleeps, spends ENOUGH time on facebook.  Could play dota or crossfire or computer games with his friends but won't choose it over me. Skype all night will me. Video call, whatever.  He shouldn't have taken drugs, and NEVER. He shouldn't SMOKE, never had, never will. Drinks occasionally, and would tell me not to drink much whenever I drink and he's not with me. Makes me feel secured and safe whenever he's around. Brings me home -- ALWAYS.
 He should accept me for who I am and wouldn't care about how I dress, instead, he always tells me I'm beautiful wearing whatever. He should me kind of fashion updated too. But not really over, like kind of almost too gay. If we argue, he won't post a status about it, instead he'll post something that 'he would do everything to keep me, and that an argument won't lead to break up. Surprises me all the time. :)
He'll tell me he loves me and will marry me someday - AND MEAN IT.

 Thank You, Daddy God. Even if I already have this guy, I will still love You more than anything else. :)


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