Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Time I Kneel And Pray

Remeber the first guy who broke your heart
You said you'll never love again
"Boys are cheaters" it's stuck in your mind
But you're still hopin he'd change

*Then one day a boy made you feel like never before
He made you fly, and you thought it was fine
But then again a boy broke your heart
But then again, you said "No one will tear me apart"

**This time I kneel and pray
I get to smile real smiles everyday
I don't have to hide all the scars that they made
Coz He's makin it all fade away
I love Him more than you
And I'll let Him write something new

Every night I don't ask Him bout you anymore
If you'll came back knockin on my door
But everything gets better coz He's holding my hands
He's hugging me tight,
tells me it'll be alright.

But there'll be a time that you'll go back to one
Wishin again that you should've ran
But then it's too late to go back to where it was,
Destiny calls, God is writing you another one

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