Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I can relate to Katy Perry's One That Got Away

 This is Katy Perry's the one that got away. A very touching song. I can totally relate to this coz it's some kind of about a guy that left and if only you could turn back time, you would bring him back; do everything to make him stay coz you don't want him to be just a part a of you in the past.
 In every relationship we go into, we tend to wish that it would be forever, though we know it isn't sure. Sometimes we feel that it is. That everything is perfect. Whatever angle you look at, there's nothing wrong, and you hope that there'll never be. But with just one blink of an eye, that perfect moment is ruined. What's worse, is that it got ruined at the moment you wanted to fix it.
 You can hope for the best, pray for the best, want the best. But it's not easy. You can never deserve the best if you never had the worst. Though it hurts letting go love, those cheap cheesy childish love we know, we have to. Someday, there'll be a mature perfect love for each of us. There'll be heartaches, tears, fights, coz a perfect relationship isn't perfect without it but all those sleepless nights, tears on every pillow, will be worth it.
 I admit I kind of rushed things. Went into a relationship at 14, that lasted almost 3 years. I partly regret it because I wasn't able to really enjoy my high school life which really plays a huge part in everyone's life. But then, I realized, if I did not get into that relationship, who will I be today? That relationship molded me into a better person, well, maybe some part worse too, but bottomline: It made me mature.
 I sometimes go back to those old memories and smile, laugh at my mistakes, but I never wished to take it all back. Coz if not of those mistakes, I won't change.
 Don't rush love, don't be too picky, fight love if you are willing to fight, go back to love but be brave enough to let go if you have to. Look at those tears as lessons learned, and hope not to make the same mistakes. Be a better person for yourself, not for anybody. :)

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