Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 18 - A Picture of Your biggest Insecurity

Who wouldn't want a flawless skin? C'mon. tell me. No one right? Actually, my biggest insecurity was my teeth. That was before I had my braces, so now, I'm good about it. Next is, having small bust. But, I think positively about it. I was born to be a dancer so God gave me these so that it won't be a hassle. (Whatever.) So, what about having huge-pored skin? What's good about it? It's even oily and really prone to pimples and stuff. :| I really hate it. I usually get embarrassed when I have a pimple, and those pimple marks all over my face. :( "Photoshop are only for pictures" :(( And oh, I don't have a sexy body. Yes. And it's also one of my insecurities. but... Whatever.

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