Friday, March 11, 2011

Express Yourself Through Clothes

I'm not really good at playing with colors, mixing and matching them, so I always play with the shades of black and white. Then, I ended up loving them. I am more on the ROCK-ish chic side, but now I'm trying to experiment with vintage floral prints and other vintage stuff.
 Most of the time I pair a colored top with black. There's never a time I wore something colored (red, pink, blue, whatever) with another colored on the bottom. It just looks so... Awkward. IN MY OPINION, though.

 Like I said, I'm starting to love vintage flower prints and stuff. But I don't wear one from head to toe. Just mix and match them. I still stay rock-ish with pairing them with converse at times. I'm not really confortable wearing them with flats, but I do sometimes. When I really have to. Coz I'm not used to being chic-ish or something. Coz if only you guys knew, I was more on the "emo" "punk-ish" side BEFORE. BEEFOORE! ha. :))
 So anyway, to wrap it all up,this is me. I mess my clothes -- that's what other people would think. But I think I wear just right. :)) >:D<

 Coz they say You are what you wear. Better wear your best ;)