Monday, March 14, 2011 is Heart

HeyHeyHey! If you're wondering where people get their awesome clothing ideas from, is just one of the million options. Good thing about Lookbook is that, you get to real people's fashion senses through their posts. Real people coz not everyone on Lookbook are professional models, photographers or designers. Most of the members are just casual people, just like me. Student, artsy fartsy, just have a passion for fashion. (Cliche? haha.)
 Anyway, I had my Lookbook account March of last year. But that wasn't the time I started stalking Lookbook. I was really amazed by other people's clothes and how fancy they turn out to be. Other people repeat what they wear, but you can never notice it. They mix and match, cut and add, just whatever they want.
 It's pretty cool coz the members are so friendly and they have forums if you have certain questions or asking for some advices. I got a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) ideas that can be done anytime. Other people would comment on your photo to tell you "It's cool." or "Pretty dress." or something of that sort. It gives you a deposit on your self-esteem account.
 You can browse cool clothes of whatever fashion sense you have from all pink, to black, to punk, fancy, vintage, rock, or whatever you can possibly think of. It's totally amazing and it can really help you if you are having a hard time swiming in your closet looking for clothes. ;)

 If you don't have  a account yet, just leave a comment below, with your email address so I can invite you. The sign up includes some code of that sort. So yeah, post your emails and I'll invite you! Fan me please! HA. thanks ;)

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