Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love is ♥

I just watched this Thai movie about a high school girl who changed herself in whatever possible aspects just for her "crush" to like her back. It's a typical story, but it never fails to give butterflies. I think everyone could relate to it. Maybe not the ending where the guy falls in love with her too, but the part where we try our very best to be someone our crush might like.
 Been there, done that. I had a lot of "crushes" when I was in high school. Crush wasn't a huge word for me so I throw it away like it's no big deal. But sometimes, there'll be this one crush who you really want to be with, that you would do anything to win his heart.
 I had this huge crush on this guy when I was in my first year. We were in the same class and we were seatmates during our Chinese class, so most of the time we just talk since we're both talkative. It was just a childish crush. I just thought he was nice, and a real gentleman, a person that's hard to find.
 I tried my best for him to notice me more than just his classmate and a seatmate in Chinese. I wanted to know him more, and dig deeper in him. Be a good friend of his, or whatever. Since I was really immature and shameless back then, I texted him first (I think?). Became good friends with him, and everytime he texts me, I run to the nearest loading station. HA!
 2nd year. We were good friends, and I had the chance to be his seatmate again, for all the subjects! :"> So yeah, blah3. You know the drill, text and stuff. Then, he kindda joked me that he liked me, and I kindda told him I feel the same (*but I intended it to be just a joke) So yeah, after a month... HIHIHIHI :"> that's it.
 2 years and 9 months. I changed a lot. I became more mature and stuff. That love changed me. I became senstitive and I watch my mouth whenever I talk. I learned to think about others :">
 But just like other love stories, we parted ways...

 But anyway, in this movie, they met again after 9 years! And they both feel the same way. TRUE LOVE WAITS, cliche, but true. :)

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